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Why This Website & YouTube Channel Were Created?

Faith & Forgiveness

The question that you are probably asking yourself is “Why did I create this website & YouTube channel”? That is a legitimate question and I hope to give the proper explanation in the text below.

Here we go ...

In late 2010 my son, Jeremy, discovered the Fillmore, NY, based Most Holy Family Monastery (MhFM) website while conducting historical and theological research on the internet. By early 2011, after corresponding on a regular basis (via email) with Brother Jerome Torres, Jeremy became convinced of the validity of the work of the MhFM, converted to Sedevacantism, and benevolently volunteered to support their evangelical work by translating their material into French.

To say the least, it was a shock to my 60 year old agnostic “ex-Mormon” system that he abruptly switched from being a Roman Catholic (like his mother and grandparents) into becoming a radicalized traditional Catholic opposed to the post-Vatican II Council Church. But, as his father, who loved him and still loves him dearly, I accepted his decision (at 22 years of age) to fervently assist the MhFM in spreading their take on obtaining eternal salvation out across the digital horizon. At that time I saw no harm and actually welcomed his embracing religion for it seemed to awaken him; giving him a sense of purpose and something “honorable” to devote himself to. I considered this religious life-style change to be a vast improvement over what he had been doing (or should I say not been doing) with his life up until that point.

In carrying out his extended research of French history and Catholicism he came across a palpable conspiratorial supposition that the “Freemasons” had orchestrated the murderous 1789 French Revolution against the monarchy as well as the subsequent persecution of the “Catholic” resistance movement in Southwestern France. The wholesale slaughter of Catholics (men, women and children) in the Vandée (1793 to 1796) carried out by the “Revolutionary” French Forces placed a “zap” on his head (and rightly so). The truth was overwhelming and appalling. The French Government had written out of its academic history books that darkened period of its revolutionary march into the future; refusing, even to this day, to acknowledge what had been condoned in the Vendée was tantamount to genocide. His disgust turned to anger and became an obsession (of sorts) that radically changed his general comportment. His mother and I became concerned that he was heading towards a serious state of depression as he stopped socializing with his friends and delved even deeper into the internet in search of the “truth”.

Thus, I was actually thrilled when Jeremy discovered the MhFM; believing that he had at long last found something not only to stimulate himself intellectually but spiritually as well (Catholicism), something to devote himself to other than playing video games, trashing Voltaire, Freemasonry and/or doing nothing promising and productive with his life. But, that “thrill” was to be short lived.

Over the months that followed, with the permission of the Dimond Brothers, Jeremy commenced the French translation of MhFM’s text and video material. He was convinced and adamant about the need to disseminate MhFM’s sedevacantist message out into “Francophone” countries and assist the Dimonds in converting as many “souls” as possible to their unique form of traditional Catholicism (Sedevacantism).

In order to try and understand the full extent of my son’s new found passion I volunteered, in 2011, to assist him in creating a website in order for him to place his work upon (http://www.la-foi.fr). He accepted my offer and the work began. It was in creating the website that I started actually reading what the MhFM believed in and purported to be the truth. It was indeed interesting reading material that espoused many valid points condemning the “schism” brought on by the decrees of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

I was absolutely amazed in reading what the Dimonds stated had transpired in the Roman Catholic Church after V-II. It was in studying MhFM’s material that, though I rejected their position on Sedevacantism, I became convinced that Christ did establish His church at Pentecost (through his apostles) and that church was and still remains the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”. I agreed with the Dimonds that the post-Vatican II Roman Catholic Church had broken from tradition. I actually sent the Dimonds an email thanking them for having their website and thus providing this information to people like me. Yet, at no time did I ever state and/or pledge allegiance to the MhFM.

As the months passed, the website (la-foi.fr) proved its viability as an MhFM (traditional Catholic) evangelical tool with Jeremy becoming the “de-facto” MhFM French focal point. Jeremy realized that those who “converted” were entitled to and must be provided appropriate / legitimate sacramental pastoral care. The Dimond’s didn’t have a clue where he should look for such “priests” in France and so he took it upon himself to seek out and find one. Through trial and error Jeremy finally managed to find a traditional Catholic “priest”, Father Marchiset, in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, France, willing to work / collaborate with him and the MhFM.

I was proud of my son’s successful initiative in finding a traditional Catholic priest (located 2 hours by car away from our home) and started, with my wife, to attend the traditional Mass once a month. A relatively short while afterwards, I met with Father Marchiset and discussed with him my desire to convert to Catholicism. I then studied the Catechisms and eventually after Father Marchiset accepted my desire as sincere … I confessed, received absolution, became a traditional Roman Catholic, and my wife (already a Roman Catholic) and I were re-married inside the Church. I wish it to be clear that I, in no way, regret my decision to become a “traditional” Roman Catholic.

Let it be clearly understood that I became a traditional Roman Catholic not a “Sedevacantist”. Throughout my studies of the MhFM material the one thing that stood out most “against” their monastery was Frederick "Michael" Dimond’s claim of his being a legitimate Benedictine Abbot (Superior) and that the MhFM was the true “end-times” remnant church. I refused to believe that Christ would allow His Church to become void of true “Pastoral Care” (Bishops and Priests) no matter what Frederick “Michael” Dimond professed.

No one can deny that Jeremy earnestly sought to start on behalf of the MhFM a congregation here in France. Yet his endeavors did not bring the expected support from the Dimond Brothers. They refused to speak directly with Father Marchiset. It was that reluctance to speak directly with a legitimately ordained priest on the question of MhFM’s legitimacy that I stopped suspecting and knew for a certainty that something was drastically wrong within the Dimond’s MhFM.

I spoke to my son about my suspicion but he refused to entertain and/or question the reasoning behind the Dimond’s lack of communication and support. He refused to speculate on the continued silence of the Dimond Brothers concerning the establishment of the Mouthier-Haute-Pierre “real-time” congregation in France. He simply continued evangelizing.

Though I had my doubts about MhFM … I was nevertheless proud of Jeremy’s loyalty, dedication, perseverance and desire to serve Christ and to save souls. I rationalized that as he was an “adult” it was up to him to decide on how long he would remain committed to the MhFM’s purported Benedictine community before he realized that he was simply being used.

As time went by the Dimonds gave Jeremy permission to create his own French videos and texts for his website and YouTube channel. After a long day at work, Jeremy would come home and toil alone “all night”, at times, in order to complete the “never ending” list of tasks handed to him by the MhFM. As a result, his physical and mental well-being started to become an issue; which is probably why he went a step too far.

On January 7, 2015 the French satirical weekly newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” was attacked by radical Islamic extremists and shortly afterwards Jeremy created a YouTube video that raised the ire of the MhFM. I was not aware of what he had done and would most certainly not have approved such an act. But, regardless, the damage was done. In his defense, Jeremy had submitted the written text he was going to use for his video to the MhFM (Frederick Dimond) requesting permission to use it. But as usual "Fred" never replied giving his support or disapproval. “Fred” wasn't really interested at all in what my son was doing just so long as his monthly donations and the donations of those he converted continued to fill the Fillmore monastery’s coffers.

Upon not hearing back from the Dimonds within an extremely reasonable length of time Jeremy made the decision to accept their continued “silence” as being a tacit sign of approval and he published the video on YouTube. Within a day … all hell broke loose. Fred sent an email chastising him and ordered the video to be removed from his channel; which he did right away.

Within a day or two Jeremy could no longer access his YouTube account and it wasn’t because YouTube had intervened. No, it was because some months before Jeremy had given “Fred” his YouTube account user name and password, just in case something happened to him. And as such, Fred simply accessed Jeremy’s YouTube account and changed the user name and password; taking complete control over and denying Jeremy access to his months, if not years, of work.

When I eventually found out what had transpired I was livid over the audacity of the MhFM to, in effect, “steal” my son’s YouTube channel. Jeremy asked me not to react and to just let it go as "Fred" was the MhFM’s religious Superior.

I considered Jeremy’s request for a heartbeat or two but opted instead, as a loving protecting father and a person who has always stood up against tyranny, to express my dismay in an e-mail to the MhFM focal point knowing it would get back to "Fred".

On Sunday April 26th 2015 I wrote to the MhFM the following after learning of their unethical takeover (i.e. theft) of my son’s YouTube site:

Hello Brother Jerome;

I have just spoken with Jeremy and learned that you have taken total control of his YouTube Channel and now have changed the password so that he can no longer access it. I would like to inform you that the fact that you have “breeched the trust” and taken “ownership” of his YouTube Channel (changing the passwords) without official / legal permission to do so is against the law and is paramount to theft / piracy. I am amazed and disappointed that such action was taken by the MHFM. Jeremy had simply given you the login information in the case that something happened to him. He did not give you ownership. I therefore insist that you rectify this situation at once. Contact Jeremy and clear this matter up or I will take the necessary legal steps to do so.

When I asked if you had lost faith in my son I never received any answer but this shows me that those “bonds of trust” have unfortunately been broken. There definitely appears to have been a serious “communication breakdown” between the MHFM and Jeremy which puzzles me to no end.

Please do the necessary to rectify this situation. Once again I respectfully ask that you contact Jeremy as soon as possible to avoid any needless litigation.

Best Regards

On May 1st 2015 I received and email back from the Frederick “Michael” Dimond:

This is the e-mail we sent to your son, Jeremy, in response to your legal threat and your false accusations.


This is a response to the legal threat against Most Holy Family Monastery made by your father with your knowledge and apparent approval.

It’s disappointing, though not entirely unexpected based on your pattern of recent behavior, to see how far you have fallen into deception as a result of your selfishness and impure intentions.

So, let’s be clear, Jerermy: it’s our YouTube Channel, not yours. In addition to the obvious facts (e.g. it’s the YouTube Channel affiliated with the website that expressly identifies itself as being copyrighted by vaticancatholic.com – our site), you have made numerous statements to us in e-mails (including recent ones) that clearly prove that the channel is ours. For example: “MHFM will have to keep a control on La-Foi and its channel VaticanCatholique.” You thus prove that it’s our channel.

We suggest that you re-read your e-mails to us on that matter. They can be used against you, if that becomes necessary. If you attempt a baseless legal action, it will be firmly resisted and, if facts matter at all, it will not be successful. We will also have the option to personally counter sue you for your absurd and damaging Charlie Hebdo video, which some understood to be a jihadi-type video. In that outrageous video, you tell the French Government that you are “ready to die” and have a gun shot going off after you say those words. That could be construed by some as a terrorist threat against the French government.

We don’t desire legal action. It’s a waste of time and money, but we do not back down from wicked people. If a wicked person tries to steal our channel, we will oppose it. As you know, we’ve been in numerous lawsuits before. We have successfully defended our rights when that became necessary. And we will defend our rights against you if you unjustly persecute us. Also, any attempt you would make to claim that our channel, VaticanCatholique, is yours is fraud. You would be falsely claiming to be what you are not, and to own what you don’t.

You also don’t realize that we can get our material removed from any place that isn’t approved by us. Thus, if you take a stance against us, we can and will get all of our videos, written materials, articles, etc. removed from any media outreach you attempt to run. You would thus have to produce your own materials, and not just use translations of our material to have any outreach. Hence, you will not be able to use any of our material. In your blindness, that’s what you don’t realize. In fact, just recently another group, which was using our material in an unjust fashion, was ordered to take down a voluminous amount of our material from their website. People will not be allowed to have translations of our material without our continuing approval. If our approval is removed, we will have all of our material removed.

It’s obvious that you are under the control of malicious spiritual forces at this time, and that your intentions are very corrupt. As we said to you before, since you are not for God but for yourself (you are extremely selfish), that’s why God resists you. Now the enemy of God is directly using you.

You don’t seem to realize: it’s not your apostolate. The materials are owned by us and our names are on it as the authors of the materials. It’s our apostolate and we will decide what is done with it. We will not allow you to try to use our name and outreach for your own personal endeavors. If Jeremy Austin starts his own YouTube Channel that is separate from MHFM, VaticanCatholique, etc., then we have no control over that. But we will decide what is happening with our apostolate and the media organs associated with it.

Your pride is also shown by your complaint that we recently posted videos on the American and Spanish channels, but we have not responded to all of your questions – as if we are supposed to stop our typical website updates for you. To that we say: the world doesn’t revolve around you. We are involved with many things, and we will not postpone our general website updates to deal with all your questions.

Your delusion is also shown by the fact that you say we should divide our apostolate, with you in control of the European half or a portion of it. Who do you think you are? You are not spiritually fit to run any Catholic apostolate. Your latest e-mail only further proves that. Not long ago you rushed into affiliation with a priest who was not solid because your intentions were not right. Now you have abandoned him. Then you were ready to fall in to the Co-Redemptrix false doctrine. That should have humbled you, but now you are trying to tell us how to run our apostolate. Your pride and bad will are outrageous. You are on the road to Hell, and unless you change your course you will go to Hell.

What this is all about is your selfishness – period. You are also apparently being influence by your wicked father, who makes false accusations against us and is extremely arrogant. He’s also a man who cares so little about God and the true faith that he attended the Novus Ordo funeral of his co-worker who didn’t practice Catholicism at all. We desire that you change your course and see the error of your current sentiments.

Bro. Michael Dimond


Most Holy Family Monastery

On May 5th 2015 I responded back to Frederick “Michael” Dimond


To say that I am amazed if not shocked by your response would be an understatement.

As I read through your diatribe it became blatantly obvious that there is something sinister and morally wrong with the way that you interpret text. It is quite clear that you do not possess a “discerning spirit”; which throughout history those in positions of holy authority use to prevent such outrageous errors.

You have referred to me as wicked and arrogant yet it is you who have borne false witness against me in an attempt to justify that label and have arrogantly set yourself up as “Judge and Jury” over my life. Let’s start off by being clear on the issue. You stated in your repugnant email:

“You are also apparently being influence by your wicked father, who makes false accusations against us and is extremely arrogant. He’s also a man who cares so little about God and the true faith that he attended the Novus Ordo funeral of his co-worker who didn’t practice Catholicism at all.”

You are either stupid, blind, evil or did not receive the facts as they actually are. I became a Catholic in August 2014. My “father-in-law” (not co-worker) died in February 2013. I was not a Catholic at that time and there was actually no mass given for my father-in-law but a Vatican II Priest gave the eulogy. When I became a Catholic and made my confession to a Priest, who has the authority and was ordained as such before 1968, we discussed this subject and at the end of my contrite confession I was absolved of my past sins which included that issue / situation. Now you have the audacity to state that the ecclesiastical declaration that a person's sins have been forgiven is actually null and void because you “think” so. Are you mad? Have you no sense of reason? Are you declaring that it is you who now sits in the “Chair of Peter”? Did you receive “Divine Revelation” on this matter from one of the Holy Saints that denounced my confession and the authority of the Priest? Bearing false witness against an innocent person is a mortal sin. It is perjury in the legal since of the word; which you have done knowingly. As you have so crudely gone on record with that “false accusation” I demand that you officially retract that statement. Or should I simply say you need to repent for the “sin” you committed.

As for your false accusation of my arrogance … what are you talking about, young man. I spoke the truth. You are indeed guilty of Theft and Piracy in the manner in which you took control of Jeremy’s YouTube Channels. You don’t have to take my word for it. Check with your lawyer or read the Google contracts (there available on-line) concerning official ownership of YouTube Channels. You actually risk having your channel shut down because of your own arrogance and refusal to listen to those who do understand what is happening. In my mentioning avoiding needless litigation, I was merely warning you, not threatening you, of the potential consequences of the ill-advised action you took. Repent, Michael … you know that what you have done and how you have reacted is wrong and unbecoming of a Catholic let alone someone who claims to be the Superior of the MHFM.

Your reaction to Jeremy and Alessandro (who actually have worked hard promote the ”truths“ and to save souls for the Glory of God) is reminiscent of the bible stories of how King Saul felt about David in ancient Israel. He feared and became paranoid that David just might seek to replace him and thus falsely accused him of many things even to the point of trying to have him disposed of. All tyrants fear that there is a “plot” to overthrow them and you have shown all the signs of being a tyrant. Repent, Michael.

In closing I would like to state that I sincerely do appreciate the truth that you have placed on the internet which converted me. Yet with that said … I wish to point out that you do not hold a copyright on the truth (Dogma). From your recent actions and crude / vulgar emails I am actually starting to speculate that you are in fact a Charlatan, a new age snake-oil-salesman who has taken the truth, offering it to the masses in return for your own personal fame and fortune. You of all people should know that “God will not be mocked”. Repent, Michael.

I hope that this will be the last email I will ever have to send to you. You call me and the others your enemy … but I do not call you my enemy as my enemies are strong and honorable men with integrity and you are definitely neither. May God have mercy on your twisted soul and show you the error of your ways. As for me, the sinner that I am (as we all are), I will strive to one day be able to forgive you for the harm you have tried to cause. Yet, rest assured … la-foi.fr will continue.

After this unpleasant encounter with "Fred" my son chose to distance himself from the MHFM, seeing them for what they are (i.e. dishonest). He wanted nothing more to do with them; which pleased me to no end. He asked me to create a zip file containing all the translations he'd done plus the webpages themselves for the la-foi.fr website and send them to the MHFM in Fillmore. I did what my son requested because I love him. He next asked me to turn the website itself over to them but I refused to do so, equally because I love him. He next asked that I pass the VaticanCatholique.com URL over to the MHFM as well as he no longer wanted it. I initially refused but after his continued insistence I transferred ownership, once again, because I love him. I was actually happy afterwards because I believed my son was now free from these charlatans.

But, unfortunately, a while later my son fell back into fully supporting the MHFM and started assisting them again with the French site’s texts and videos. He said that he chose to accept “Fred’s” chastisement and said he could not / would not leave his “brothers”. I was appalled, heartbroken but knew it was a losing battle to push the issue. To say the least our "father / son" relationship declined to an all-time low and he became more and more reclusive / distant.

Then what I feared most happened. A few months later he actually refused to say “grace” with me over a meal I prepared him. He made it clear that he could not pray with “heretics”. That was the last straw. I knew then, for a certainty, that Frederick (a.k.a. Brother Michael) Dimond had successfully managed to spiritually abuse, indoctrinate and steal my "child" away from his family. I was heartbroken that I had failed to stop such a tragedy from taking place. I exploded ... I ordered my son out of my house. Yes, you understood correctly ... I actually ordered him out of my house for his insolence and lack of respect. At that precise moment in time "Fred" was extremely fortunate that I lived 4,000 miles away and that the Fourth Council of the Lateran (1215) had outlawed judicial dueling; otherwise I would have enjoyed the opportunity of facing him on what had once been “traditionally” referred to as the field of honor.

The "loss" of a child is a painfully anguishing experience that no parent should ever have to go through. Jeremy fell prey to the Dimonds' Enchanting Lustful Lies and chose the MhFM over his family, those who truly care for and love him the most. It is something that I cannot and will not accept. The Dimond’s spiritual abuse of my child along with his religious abduction is something no father can accept or tolerate.

With that said … there is no doubt in my mind that I failed as Jeremy’s father in preventing this situation from happening due to various decisions I’ve made concerning the way in which I raised my family. Mea Culpa! Those decisions paved the way for my son to fall prey to the Dimond’s grasp (fittingly pronounced “Démon” in French). The stress of that failure on my part is enormous as well as the accompanying sadness. Some will say … it's just the cross I've been called on to bear, right? Wrong! I will not accept what’s happened and will not fully rest until justice is rendered.

In reflecting upon what happened in my family I started wondering how many others parents have suffered the same or a similar fate? In researching on this subject I have found that I am not alone. There are a multitude of others who have become or have family members or friends who have become unwittingly victims of these religious carpetbaggers (the Dimond Brothers).

Enough is Enough! I have the responsibility of a loving father to continue to try and find the way to “save” my son from these miscreants and while so doing sound the alarm, a warning, to any and all who may possibly unwittingly fall prey to these scoundrels.

The question remains … can the Dimond Brothers MhFM be stopped? The answer is not yet clear as their numbers seem to grow and grow rather than diminish.

So, this website is my attempt to warn you to “look before you leap” by asking fundamental questions that will expose the “hidden” agenda of fraudulent cyber ministries, like the Dimond Brother's MHFM, that are designed to enrich themselves by "preying on" not "praying for" those who visit their website.

But most of all I have done this website with the hope that my son, Jeremy, will one day take the time to read its content and come to the realization that "his kindness has been taken for stupidity” by the Dimonds and that he has fortuitously helped them to perpetuate pious fraud across the internet. But most of all I want him to know that a father could not love a son more than I love him ... which is why I'll continue this quest to free him from the fate awaiting him at the Dimonds’ spiritual slaughterhouse until I have succeeded or I take my last breath.

God’s will be done!

Pax Tecum

Note: My Prayers Have Been Answered

Since the writing of the above text, on March 29, 2019, Jeremy quit the MhFM. His reasons for breaking ties with the MhFM can be found at http://www.la-foi.fr/mhfm/en/index.aspx.

I thank God, my guardian angel and those who acted as my guardian angels for coming to my aid.


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