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Disclaimer: Don't Confuse the Issue
Catholics Against MhFM
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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


"When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer it."
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Disclaimer: Please, Don't Confuse the Issue.

There appears to be some confusion for those of you who have written to me staunchly, adamantly, and often times rudely defending the work of the Most Holy Family Monastery (MhFM) rather than first and foremost providing me with the proof that this New York domestic not-for-profit corporation is, in fact, a legitimate Catholic Benedictine religious community with the required "canonical provison"; and that Frederick Dimond (a.k.a. Brother Michael) met all the pre-conditions and requirements stipulated under Canon Law to be elected to the position of Superior overseeing the purportred monastery in Fillmore, NY.

I solemnly swear, that when any such quantifiable, viable, and canonically sound proof is submitted to me that I will immediately remove the related content from off this website and "repent" for any unfounded harm I have caused the innocent.

For the record, let me state, that it is not the MhFM's message being promoted via their Website, Books, DVDs, YouTube Channel that is the focus of this website.

The Dimond Brothers position on Church doctrine, dogma, sedevacantism, and Vatican II's tragic break from "tradition" is not actually being debated within the webpages found here at the Crossroads at 23rd Street. The MhFM is entitled to express their opinion.

"Everyone has the right to their own opinions but no one has the right to their own facts."

The point being raised on this website is that, since 1996, the pious fraud being deceitfully orchestrated against disgruntled Catholics by the Dimond Brothers is reprehensible, scandalous and must end!

It is out of charity that I ask these two "delusional brothers", Frederick (a.k.a. Brother Michael) and Peter (a.k.a. Brother Peter), to cease and desist from playing religious "make-believe" games and deceiving the public. These "brothers" are Sarabaite and not Benedictine monks who are running a "business of religion" and not a Catholic monastery. They are Religious Carpetbaggers who "prey on" and do not "pray for" the salvation of the Christian Fathful.

"If anyone says that ... those who have been neither rightly ordained nor sent by ecclesiastical and canonical authority, but come from a different source, are lawful ministers of the word …: let him be anathema [cf. n. 960]." - Denzinger: Sources of Catholic Dogma: 967 Can. 7

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