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MhFM: Why Ebola Hit Dallas
Catholics Against MhFM
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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


"When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer it."

MhFM's "Why Ebola Hit Dallas":
"Opinion" or "Hate Speech"

“Freedom of Speech” does not imply or condone "Free License". It does not suggest that one possesses the unbridled “Freedom” to spuriously offend, denigrate, threaten, or insult groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits; without the risk of facing negative backlash and/or legal repercussions.

The spurious use of “Freedom of Speech” is “Hate Speech”. And those professing themselves to be true Catholic evangelicals understand that “Hate Speech” equates to “Spiritual Abuse”, a grievous mortal sin, and as such has nothing at all to do with Christ's ministry ... but rather reflects its use coming from a more dubious source (the Father of Lies).

"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)

"For when some think that they are wiser than others, they despise to follow another to a better understanding. What is worse, in their desire to create for themselves an image of expertise among the uninformed masses, they work diligently to destroy the correct interpretation of others and to replace it with their own perversions [opinions]." - The Saint Gregory the Great (540-604) Book of Pastoral Rule: Part III, Chapter 24

One telltale sign identifying the existence of "spiritual abuse" within a purported religious community is that of a person acting/speaking on behalf of and in the capacity of its hierarchical authority and using that "pastoral" influence to hold and maintain sway over the community’s unlettered adherents by cleverly substituting "truth" with the alluring "fiction" of his personal religious convictions and/or preferential opinions.

As an example of this type of "spiritual abuse" I wish to present, for your consideration, the preposterous and pretentious “opinion” of Robert (a.k.a. Brother Peter) Dimond's expressed in his October 13, 2014 video entitled: "Why Ebola Hit Dallas".

After listening to Dimond's explanation on “Why Ebola Hit Dallas" you can decide for yourself whether or not I am correct in assuming this unprofessed, unordained, self-identified Benedictine “brother” is:

  1. Guilty of willful and premeditated "spiritual abuse” (Hate Speech); or

  2. Simply a couple of cans short of being a theological six-pack.

[Fair Use Notice: Dimond's audio segment is presented in an effort to clarify and advance understanding of the political, human, religious, and social issues raised in his video. I believe presenting Dimond's audio explanation constitutes a “fair use” of any possible copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.]

"Why Ebola Hit Dallas": Brother Peter Dimond (MhFM) - August 13, 2014

"As many people know the first laboratory confirmed case of the Ebola virus in the United States was recently found in Dallas, Texas (September 2014). There is now reports of a second confirmed case, also in Dallas; which represents the first "person to person" transmission of Ebola in U.S. history. Whether one believes that the Ebola cases are real, manufactured or fake; it's simply a fact that the news is coming out of Dallas has put the country and much of the western world on edge fearing a possible Ebola outbreak. The fears have begun in Dallas.

In my opinion ... it's not just a coincidence that the first case of Ebola in U.S. history was confirmed in Dallas. God allowed Ebola to show up first in Dallas because the "Dallas Cowboys" recently signed "Michael Sam" ... the first openly "homosexual" player in the history of the NFL [National Football League] to their practice squad, after he was released by the "St Louis Rams". In fact, in the very same month in which Michael Sam the first openly "gay" NFL player in U.S. history, a man who kisses his boy-friend in public, began to practice for the "Dallas Cowboys", Dallas was hit with the first case of Ebola in U.S. history.

Moreover, as we pointed out in our video "The Ferguson Riots are Connected to the Selection of the First Openly "Gay" NFL. Player"; before Michael Sam was on the "Dallas Cowboys" he was on the "St Louis Rams", the team that drafted him. And at the very time he was practicing with the "Rams" in August for their training camp riots and civil unrest broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, just fifteen minutes down the road from the from the headquarters of the "St Louis Rams" in Earth City, Missouri, where the "Rams" and the first openly "homosexual" player were practicing at the time.

That wasn't just a coincidence as we explained in our video. The fact that the first case of Ebola has now been found in Dallas, shortly after the "Dallas Cowboys" signed Michael Sam and he began to practice with them for the season is frankly a striking confirmation of the point we made in our recent video on the Ferguson riots.

Homosexuality is an unnatural and perverted sexual inclination resulting from apostasy and idolatry (see Romans chapter 1). And homosexual behavior is a mortally sinful abomination condemned in both the Old and New Testaments. We, of course, desire that all homosexuals cease the gravely sinful and unnatural behavior and convert to the Traditional Catholic faith, outside of which there is no salvation.

… When cultures embrace homosexuality they frequently fall apart or disappear altogether. God is punishing the nation for its complete capitulation into homosexual abomination and the repudiation of basic morality that goes along with it. But He is allowing signature events to begin and to occur in these particular places, for example Ferguson, Missouri, and now Dallas, Texas, because of the presence of the first openly "gay" N.F.L. player on the area's professional football team and most importantly the acceptance of homosexual abomination that has accompanied it, represents the acceptance of homosexuality by the mainstream segment of American society.

That's why the aforementioned events, which brings so much harm and distress to the nation, have begun and have occurred in those particular areas.”

End of Dimond Audio Quote Segment

Regardless of your position on the “right" of a homosexual to “come out of the closet” and to seek to integrate himself into mainstream American life … do you not see the absurdity of buying into Dimond’s “homophobic” conjecture on the subject?

Dimond appears to want us to believe that God, in his infinite wisdom, unleashed “Ebola” in Dallas, Texas (September 2014) and, before that, organized “Riots” in Ferguson, Missouri (August 2014) as a "wake-up call" in an attempt to stop Michael Sam, the first openly "Gay" player in the history of the NFL, from contaminating America's favorite televised past-time sport.

I'm of the "opinion" that the use of a simple lightning bolt or two, striking either Michael Sam or the NFL Corporate Office Headquarters in New York City (similar to the tactic MhFM claims God used against St Peter's Basilica in 2013), would have been just as effective and demonstrably more godlike in getting His point across.

But, what do I know right? Certainly the 125 persons who gave the video a "thumbs up" believe Dimond hit God's purported "homophobic" nail on the head.

In closing ... I have one question that I'd like Dimond to enlighten us on: Which "gay" football player in Africa did God identify that justified the unleashing of His wrath (the outbreak of Ebola) on that continent?

It's time for you to decide whether or not I am correct in assuming that Robert (a.k.a. Brother Peter) Dimond is either:

  1. Guilty of willful and premeditated "spiritual abuse” (Hate Speech); or

  2. Simply a couple of cans short of being a theological six-pack.

Don’t be deceived … “Why Ebola Hit Dallas” is just another MhFM … Enchanting Lustful Lie.

It is out of charity that I would advise the Dimond Brothers to read carefully YouTube's "Hate Speech Policy".


- Pax Tecum


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