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MhFM: Wolves Must Eat Too
Catholics Against MhFM
Defending the Faith

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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


"When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer it."

MhFM: The Wolves Must Eat Too

Tabloid News articles are designed to persuade a person that the purported facts being presented on a particular topic are not complicated in scope but rather straight forward and simple; negating the need for an individual to delve deeper and double check that what’s been presented is actually credible.

Tabloid News, though entertaining, is biased sensational and/or scandalous material and is considered by the Church to be a lurid / vile form of gossip (calumny and/or detraction) that goes directly against the 8th Commandment; which is a mortal sin:

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.

Yet, regardless of abundant scriptural and canonical condemnation of such un-Christian-like behavioral practices, the Dimond Brothers (MhFM) have embraced and incorporated this type of censured “tabloid thinking” into their cyber-ministry; turning their website into a cheap, vulgar, conspiratorial, end-times, gossip column.

Sad as it is that these brothers have willfully trampled the 8th Commandment under their feet, I for one am pleased that these religious troglodytes have finally stepped out of the closet and into the light, revealing themselves publically as the anti-Monk “Tabloid Evangelicals” they actually are.

“And whosoever shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, is become guilty of all.” – St James 2:10

Tabloid Evangelism is a carefully constructed, egregiously deceitful, proselyting mechanism used by unscrupulous religious pretenders to sensationalize their selective ethical / moral / doctrinal outrage against the Church and obtain calculated / conditioned responses (support) by offering their overtly curious targeted audience predictable and reliable sources of emotional gratification.

Tabloid Evangelism is not intended to be spiritually uplifting or intellectually stimulating. Like most forms of commercial advertising, it does not present substantiated / corroborated facts, nor propose durable solutions and/or invite or encourage profound “reflection”.

Instead, Tabloid Evangelism is designed to arouse a person’s emotions; primarily focusing on lust, fear, tribal belonging coupled with the trepidation of exclusion, contempt for outsiders and, above all else, an implicit sense of vulnerability and guilt.

The MhFM’s tabloid evangelical subterfuge, combined with their private “partial truth” interpretations of Church doctrine and dogma, offers the unlettered disgruntled Catholic partisan a convoluted religious end-times ”fantasy” to cling to (Epikeia - Sedevacantism) as the alternative to persevering in the faith and remaining in communion with the Bishops of the Church.

Note: There are no Bishops and/or Priests directly associated with and/or governing over the MhFM; which by itself should be reason enough to steer people away from joining their counterfeit Benedictine religious community.

"Know that the bishop is in the Church and the Church in the bishop and that if anyone is not with the bishop he is not in the Church." - St. Cyprian

The MhFM’s Tabloid Evangelism has proven itself to be a wickedly brilliant and successful business ploy; for it provides the distracted Catholic with an immediate but a short-lived gratifying sense of spiritual comfort, relief, collusion, and belonging.

Don’t Be Deceived!

Don’t let your disgust with V-II’s break from Catholic tradition dupe you into embracing the Dimond Brother’s delusional end-times pipe dream (Sedevacantism). One simply cannot ethically or morally justify "fighting schism with schism."

MhFM is a promulgating a religious hoax. Their purported Benedictine status is an illusion, all smoke and mirrors, a cheap con; as Erick Hoyle learned in 2014 after being bilked out of 1.6 million dollars by these charlatans.

In short … those who become distracted and leave the fold and follow the MhFM are, in fact, volunteering to be taken advantage of.

Yet, in all fairness to the Dimond Brothers it must be said … Wolves Must Eat Too.

The MhFM exists today due to the negligence and dereliction of duty of the ordained Shepherds of the Church (Bishops); whose scaldalous lack of concern over such documented matters of "spiritual abuse" (schism) makes it repugnantly clear that the modernist Roman Catholic Church firmly believes:

“If God didn’t want them to be sheared … He wouldn’t have made them sheep.”

- Pax Tecum


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