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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


"When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer it."

The Dimond Brothers' "Monastic Life" Exposed

This text used in this video was written by a person using the pseudonyme "sedevacantist" and sent to me by a third party. Please note ... I have taken the liberty of editing and enhancing the text a bit. But with that said ... the text's original focus / emphasis on the pious fraud being perpetuated and promoted by the Dimond Brothers remains intact.

The claim by the Dimond Brothers (MhFM) that their website is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every week is an illusion. Granted, they do actually receive that many visitors. Nevertheless, the claim is an illusion. It’s a trick.

You see, they drum up these visitors by buying “Google Words”. The idea behind these Google Words (from what I understand) is that when one buys a word, and that same word is typed into a search engine by someone browsing the internet, a link to the buyer's website appears on the screen.

For example, if I were to buy the word UFO, then anyone who searched the internet using the word UFO would suddenly find a link to MY website on their screen. As one could imagine, curiosity alone causes many people to click on the site link. And obviously, the more words I buy, the more people are drawn to my website.

Well, apparently the Dimond Brothers have bought hundreds and hundreds of different words. THIS is how they drum up the astounding number of visitors to their website. As you could imagine, the vast majority of these visitors have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the Dimond Brothers, or in their material. They’re just curious web surfers. That’s all. Nothing more, and nothing less.

In fact, I’m betting few of them even stay on the monastery’s website for more than a minute or so. This is why I protest that despite the traffic to their site, their popularity is just an illusion ... because it is. Based upon the traffic to their site, the Dimonds portray themselves as some great phenomenon sweeping the traditional world; when in the end, it’s all a charade (an illusion).

Seriously, did you really think 100,000 Traditionalists visited the Dimonds’ website every day? That's Nonsense. Do the math yourself: Statistically, there are barely a million Traditionalists throughout the world (Novus Ordo and Sedevacantists combined) and well over 99% of these are advocates of Baptism of Desire. They utterly hate the Dimonds. Why would they visit the “monastery’s” website? The answer, of course, is that they don’t.

So then, how many Traditionalists actually do visit the Dimond Brothers’ website on a daily basis? How many "fans" do they actually have? Who knows for sure? If I had to guess, though, I would say no more than a couple hundred (max) ... and most living in this country (USA).

Just for laughs, let’s challenge them to find out the exact number. Let’s see if they’re honest enough to reveal the truth (though you can rest assured they won’t). Notwithstanding, we already know the truth. It is statistically IMPOSSIBLE that the Dimonds receive 100,000 Traditionalist visitors to their website every day. The numbers simply don’t add up. And so, in the end, their supposed world-wide popularity is nothing but an illusion.

Which brings up another solid argument against the Dimond Brothers’ claim to "Witnesshood". Scripture says that the ENTIRE WORLD rejoices at the death of the Two Witnesses:

And they of the people and kindreds and tongues, and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and a half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them and make merry, and shall send gifts to one another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt upon the earth.” - Apocolypse 11:9-10

And the illusions continue … The Dimond Brothers claim that Heaven confirmed their legitimacy as Benedictine monks by finally dismissing the legal suit against them on the Feast of St. Benedict. As they mentioned on their website, the entire suit was centered on the legitimacy of their claim to be true Benedictine monks. This is what we’re told the case was all about. And, according to them, Heaven vindicated them in a magnificent show of approval. Again, another illusion.

Now according to what I’ve read, the Order of St Benedict is unique among monastic communities in that anyone who follows "the Rule" can legitimately call himself a Benedictine. In other words, strictly speaking, official recognition by the Church isn’t absolutely necessary for membership. Thus anyone claiming to be following "the Rule of St Benedict" can put on the order's recognized black habit and call himself a Benedictine.

Whether or not this is true, is irrelevant. This is what the Dimond Brothers believe. In fact, it’s how Most Holy Family Monastery (MhFM)was started. The founder, Joseph Natale (1933-1995), was NOT a Benedictine monk when he founded the MhFM. He was, instead, a monastic dropout. The Dimond Brothers will admit this.

From what I was told, he left St Vincent Archabbey (a legitimate Benedictine monastery), before taking his vows. He then went off on his own and started the Oblates of St Jude, in 1967, that would offically become Most Holy Family Monastery (MhFM), a self-identified Benedictine community, in 1993.

Anyway, the point is that the Dimond Brothers believe that anyone who follows the Rule of St. Benedictine can legitimately call himself a Benedictine. This is the principle they use to back up their claim as being "true" Benedictine monks. If someone follows "the Rule", he’s Benedictine; if not, he’s a fraud.

Well, guess what? My source (who actually lived at the “monastery”) has assured me that aside from the obligation of wearing habits, the Dimonds do not follow the Rule of Saint Benedict at all ... not one single word of it. Life in the "Brothers’" monastery is nothing but a casual free-for-all. Seculars in habits. That’s it. That’s exactly the life they live. And not only are there NO characteristically Benedictine practices, or rules, or rituals, or punishments, or laws, or traditionally held events found anywhere in the monastery, but there exists barely ANY semblance of monasticism whatsoever.

Aside from the daily obligation of filling mail orders, there’s absolutely no order to be found anywhere:

  • Everyone does practically whatever they want, whenever they want.

  • Nor are there any specific times allotted for any kind of community gathering whatsoever.

  • Nor are there any community prayers; nor any set times for prayer at all.

  • Nor are there any set times for spiritual reading, contemplation, recreation, sleep, waking, or anything whatsoever.

As for eating, everyone eats whatever they want, whenever they want. This is the Dimond Brothers' idea of following the Rule of Saint Benedict: Do whatever you want, just wear the black habit.

In their defense, I should mention that they do recite the Psalms (not the Divine Office, just the Psalms - and those, as fast as humanly possible). And, of course, they recite the Rosary. Nevertheless, even though these actions are practiced by all monastics, they are certainly not characteristically Benedictine.

Remember the principle they uphold to justify their claim as Benedictines: If someone follows the Rule, he's legitimate. If not, he's a fraud.

I should also mention that they kneel in adoration of what they believe is the Blessed Sacrament. I use the phrase “what they believe” because, according to Pope St. Pius V, what they kneel before is not the Body of Christ. In his Bull, “De Defectibus”, St. Pius V clearly states that if the host does not resemble NATURAL WHEATEN BREAD, then it’s not valid matter for consecration.

One more time for the hearing impaired: If the host does not resemble natural wheaten bread, then it’s not valid matter for consecration. What the Dimond Brothers kneel before, I’m told, is the standard crispy white wafer with the mysterious preservative glaze. You know the one - the wafer that for some bizarre reason never seems to mold. It’s just wheat flour and water, though. Nothing else. Just flour and water… Right.

You know as well as I do, that in no conceivable way does this crispy white wafer with the mystery glaze resemble natural wheaten bread - neither at a glance, nor under a microscope. Any fool can see it. In fact, by the looks of it, I couldn’t imagine there even being a trace of natural wheat flour anywhere near it. Not only does it not look like natural wheaten bread, it does not act like it either. Left in a dry environment at room temperature, it never, ever molds.

Believe me, I used to make wheaten hosts for Mass. The only conceivable way to keep them from molding is to freeze them. Otherwise, they begin to mold within a week. On the contrary, as an acolyte, I've personally witnessed these white, crispy hosts exist for years without corruption. Welcome to the world of mass production, greed, preservatives, and… Freemasonry (one of the leading producers of these mystery wafers is “Christian Wolf”. Need I say more?).

But don’t take my word for it. Go home, mix up a batch of wheat flour and water. Make a host as thin as you can, lightly toast it, and tell us what it looks like. If you’re feeling rebellious, you might even let it sit for a couple of weeks and watch what happens. Before long, you’ll come to realize that the reason the mysterious white crispy wafer neither looks, nor acts, like natural wheaten bread, is because it’s not. Anyway, although the Dimond Brothers’ intentions have been praiseworthy in regard to their daily ritual of “Adoration”, they are nevertheless worshiping a wafer. That is, if you believe the teaching of Holy Mother Church.

And so, just like the mystery wafer they worship, when it comes down to the question of real Benedictines, or frauds, the Dimonds are complete and total frauds. And whereas it’s true they perform a few things proper to all monastics, they are certainly not characteristically Benedictine. Again, if someone follows the Rule of Saint Benedict, he's Benedictine. If not, he's a fraud. So, as far as their claim of being vindicated by Heaven as true Benedictine monks, that claim is absolutely worthless.

The fact that the court officially ruled in the Dimonds’ favor on the Feast of St. Benedict means nothing. The Devil can easily plan things to work in tandem with important dates. The Council of Vatican II, for example, commenced on the anniversary of the “miracle of the sun” at Fatima. Just a coincidence?

Was God confirming the legitimacy of the council? Really? A council which declared that Allah is God (Lumen Gentium #16); that flushed the immemorial Tridentine Mass down the toilet; that for some mysterious reason decided to “revise” all seven Sacraments, change the Sacred Words of Consecration, and declare that every man has a God-given right to worship whatever “god” he chooses? No, God was definitely not confirming the council's legitimacy.

Timing certain events to coincide with important dates is child’s play for Lucifer. Heck, I can even do it. By way of example, this very day happens to be the Feast of St Benedict. No, really. I even called up the Dimonds a couple of hours ago and wished them a happy feast day. Unfortunately, I only got to talk to the foreign man who screens their calls.

He may remember the conversation, as I ended it by calling him an idiot. Frankly, I was speechless by that time and couldn't think of anything else to say. During our talk, he condemned a traditional priest (whom he knew absolutely nothing about) as a heretic for NO OTHER REASON than because this priest doesn’t like the Dimond Brothers, personally. I know it sounds ludicrous, but you have to keep in mind that the Dimonds’ loyal fans believe that they are the Two Witnesses - and, therefore, according to their reasoning, anyone who doesn’t like “God’s Anointed Prophets” must not be Catholic. Ergo, the priest MUST be a heretic.

The point being, once again, the Devil can plan things as easily as you and I can. And that’s why, in the end, the so-called “vindication from Heaven” is a worthless claim. The Dimonds don’t follow the Rule. Ergo, they are not Benedictines. The very principle that they believe proves they’re legitimacy, actually condemns them as frauds.

And while we're exposing the inner workings of the Dimonds' Fantasyland, let's look at the “monastery” itself. One can easily find a bird's eye view of it on the internet. All you have to do is type in their address: 4425 Schneider Rd, Fillmore, New York, and click the “satellite” image box on a map. On the property, you'll notice five structures. There are two double-wide manufactured homes that make up the living quarters; and two small barns on the right used for storage. At the south end, you'll notice a large, square building with a white roof. This is the indoor basketball court.

You see, from what I understand, the Dimonds love basketball. They’re sports nuts in general, but their true love is basketball. So they had an indoor court built. They attempt to justify its construction by referring to it as “The Hall”, but the fact is, it's an indoor basketball court. That's what it was built for. It’s about 60’ X 80’ square, and about 45’ high (I'm just going on what I've heard, so don't quote me on the dimensions. They seem fairly accurate though, from what I can tell from the image on the internet). The building also has a heated floor and showers. A heated floor and showers? That’s right. Like I said, it was built as a basketball court, not a “Hall”.

One can only imagine the cost of such a structure. I couldn't conceive of it being any less than $50,000. And I think that's a fairly conservative estimate. And who paid for it? Was it from donations? Heaven forbid. Perhaps a rich benefactor offered to have it built as a gift? Even in this case, we still have to question the brothers’ approval of such a COLOSSAL waste of money (and whose idea was the heated floor?).

But wait… it gets worse. What about the MhFM's chapel? Every proper monastery should have a chapel, right? And considering the astronomical amount of money wasted on an indoor basketball court with showers and a heated floor, one would think the Dimonds would spend AT LEAST as much on a decent chapel. Right? Wrong.

The MhFM’s chapel is the walk-in closet of Brother Michael’s room. That’s right - the closet. It’s about 4 feet wide and 8-10 feet long. It has two cheap folding metal chairs and a shelf with a tabernacle on it. Behold the extent of the Dimonds’ spirituality.

This is how the "Two Anointed Prophets" honor the infinite majesty of God: tens of thousands of dollars are wasted on a nearly full-sized indoor basketball court with showers and a heated floor, while the “Son of God” is kept in a closet. How ironic. The brothers rant and rave at the irreverence shown to God in many of the Novus Ordo churches, and here they are exhibiting the same lack of reverence - if not worse.

And while we’re on the subject of monastic holiness, what do you think these two sports nuts do on Sundays and Holy Days? What kind of honor do they pay to God on these sacred occasions? The answer is none.

According to my source, every Sunday and Holy Day is “Game Day”. And yes, that includes Easter. These sacred occasions are nothing more than excuses to sit in front of the television ALL DAY LONG watching sports and playing childish video games. This is the Dimonds’ idea of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Granted, they sit in front of the television for hours every day, but Holy Game Days are special. These are an all-day affair.

And what about the internet, where horrifically immodest women “accidentally” appear on the screen every now and then? How many hours a day does Michael Dimond spend surfing through this gravely dangerous wasteland - unfiltered, no less? And for what?

For the purpose of updating us all on important news stories such as:

  • Possums living in toilet paper dispensers?

  • Ostriches chasing people?

  • People dropping basketballs off tall buildings, or dams (or whatever structure it was)?

  • Numerous persons getting shot?

  • And who could forget the all-important video of the man who cut his ears off so he could look like a parrot?

Thank goodness we have the "Two Witnesses" to dig up these crucial news stories for us. What would our spiritual lives be without them?

And how many hours a day do you think Brother Michael spends surfing the internet (again, unfiltered) for this useless garbage? Three? Four? Five? Keep in mind, he previews far more videos than he posts on the website. And how many of these videos are necessary to Traditional Catholics? And do we really need help finding them? No, we don't.

Michael just likes to entertain himself by surfing the internet. Call it a bit of childish self-gratification. That's all it is. There’s no mystery here. He just enjoys it. He must have somehow convinced himself that these stories are really important, so he continues surfing day after day after day. No doubt this is why we don’t hear much from him. In case you haven’t noticed, Peter seems to be the only one of the two doing anything at all.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, Michael DID write a book on UFO’s some years back. Even so, he managed to get that information all wrong. No, Michael, the reason some of those strange “spaceships” in the sky are able to travel at astronomical speeds, turn on a dime, multiply themselves, fuse back together, fly straight into the ground and vanish (all without making a sound) is NOT because they’re demons, but because they’re holographic projections. That’s right. They’re just holographic projections - like the mysterious city that appeared in the clouds somewhere in Asia a while back. It’s just a man with a projector. That’s all.

Oh yes, and Michael did something else a few years back - a video on the Papal Prophecies of St. Malachy. And here he deserves a big round of applause for making, arguably, the single dumbest statement ever uttered from the “monastery”. What statement, you ask? In the video, Michael is discussing the last papal prophecy - that of “Peter the Roman”.

Everything is going relatively fine until he makes one astoundingly idiotic statement: that “since the first pope was named Peter, ST. MALACHY DECIDED to name the last pope Peter.” One more time: ST. MALACHY DECIDED to name the last pope Peter. When I first heard this, my jaw hit the floor so hard I chipped a tooth. I’ve never had much respect for Michael anyway, but this statement ended it once and for all.

Imagine, one of the "Two Anointed Prophets" of God, and the head of a “monastery”, which boasts to have uncovered the secret meanings of Apocalyptic prophecy, doesn’t even understand the simple concept of prophecy itself! It’s astounding, to say the least. Honestly, a four-year-old can grasp the concept of prophecy. MY DOG can grasp the concept of prophecy. How is it possible the great Anointed Prophet of God can't? I’m dumbfounded.

No Michael, St. Malachy didn’t decide anything. He wrote exactly what he was instructed to write.

For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God SPAKE AS THEY WERE MOVED BY THE HOLY GHOST." - 2 Peter 1:21

That’s what the concept of prophecy is all about, Fred. So once again… congratulations to you. That was arguably the dumbest public statement in the history of your so-called “monastery”.

And should we really be surprised at this? He spends countless hours a week surfing the internet, watching sports, and playing childish video games with his brother. What can one expect? Honestly folks, are these the actions of holy monks? Much less those of the Two Anointed Prophets of God? No. These are the actions of grown men who just can’t seem to grow up; men who parade themselves in front of the world as monks, yet secretly live as seculars. I believe the Biblical term is “Hypocrite”.

And what can be said of their asceticism? During the entire time my source was at the “monastery”, Michael would make a pilgrimage two or three times a week to Rochester, New York for fast food from the Boston Market (mind you, this was a two-hour round trip from Fillmore). Granted, this was many years ago, and things might have changed by now.

Even so, who can imagine their lifestyle having changed much? They’re still living out the same fantasy, aren’t they? They’re still arrogantly defiant of Church teaching, aren’t they? And doesn’t Michael still surf the internet for countless hours every week, giving us glimpses into his own private little fetish? No, their lifestyle hasn’t changed much.

This is the Dimond Brothers' version of monasticism:

  • They don't fast;

  • They don't mortify themselves;

  • They haphazardly blow their money on luxuries; and

  • They spend countless hours a week in front of the television watching sports and playing childish video games.

No doubt, if the great St. Benedict were to visit them today, he would rip their habits off, shove their inflated heads through the television, and drop kick them both out the window. I sure would. They're a disgrace to the Order, and to the monastic life in general. But there’s more to this condemnation than a simple case of hypocrisy, or spiritual immaturity. The problem goes much, much deeper. How deep, you ask?

Are you familiar with the "Law of Thelema"? The Law of Thelema is the one, single law that exists in Satanism: “Do What Thou Wilt.” That’s the entire law. Do whatever you want. Follow your own will.

Martin Luther’s religion (Protestantism) was founded upon the "Law of Thelema", only with a subtle twist: “Do What Thou Wilt, JUST BELIEVE.” Just believe. Right. Sin as much as you want, just believe. “If a man commits a thousand murders and fornications a day", says Luther, “he can never lose his salvation." No wonder so many people followed him.

The sect of Calvinism was founded on the same law, only with a deeper twist: From the very moment of his conception, each and every man is already destined to either Heaven or Hell. It makes absolutely no difference what he does during his life. Therefore, “Do What Thou Wilt”.

The theology of Seventh-Day Adventists quietly implies another twist on the same law. They don’t believe that anyone will go to Hell. Ergo, the silent implication is that mankind is free to sin as much as he likes during his life. He will never suffer eternally for it. Again, “Do What Thou Wilt”. And the list goes on and on and on.

The point being ... do you see where the Dimond Brothers’ anarchistic, self-willed, free-for-all version of “monasticism” originates? This self-indulgent attitude (or whatever you want to call it) is a clear sign that something emanates from Hell. It’s the signature of the Devil. The Law of Thelema, “Do What Thou Wilt” is the ideal of Satanism; and, it would seem, the spirit of the Dimonds' monasticism.

The true monastic ideal, on the other hand, is self-denial. This is what monasticism is all about. A true Benedictine monk consecrates his life to following nothing but the Rule of the Order and the will of his Superior. His personal life is over - forevermore bound to the vow of Holy Obedience. This is both the ideal and essence of true monasticism.

Consider this: The great mystic, St. Theresa of Avila, was once asked by her nuns if they could keep food in their cells. Aghast at their question, she replied that it would prove the utter ruin of their monastery. And she was absolutely right. Seculars can get away with such things, but not monastics (nor even those pretending to be).

Self-denial is the very essence of the monastic life. When a monk begins indulging his own will, and seeking his own pleasures and gratification, he is on the road to ruin. And unless he comes to his senses, he will wind up in Hell (according to St. Alphonsus, St. Bernard, and other masters of the spiritual life).

This is not to say that the Dimond Brothers are bad monks. No. They aren’t monks at all - neither Benedictine, nor otherwise. Again, the very essence of true monasticism is self-denial. The Dimond Brothers, on the other hand, practice the exact opposite: indulgence in self-will. And they do so on a daily basis. This is why, as I said a minute ago, they’re a disgrace to the monastic life in general. They don't live up to a single monastic ideal whatsoever. Much less are they characteristically Benedictine. Ergo, their “vindication from Heaven” is completely and totally worthless.

In the end, they don't worship God at all. They worship themselves, wallowing in luxury and self-indulgence; blowing tens of thousands of dollars on a nearly full-sized basketball court with showers and a heated floor, while relegating the Son of God to a tiny closet. Moreover, they not only waste His Sundays and Holy Days in front of the television watching sports and playing childish video games, but massacre His Sacred Word while at work.

And if this weren't enough, they also publicly defy their own interpretation of Ecclesiastical Law; and obstinately maintain a position on birth control that has been condemned under threat of Anathema by the Council of Trent - and this, after having been shown their error!. Nor, as I mentioned in the beginning of this long tirade, have the Dimonds fulfilled a single, solitary prophecy specific to the Two Witnesses. Not one.

And so, when all the evidence is weighed; and logic, common sense, and the teachings of Holy Mother Church are considered in the balance, what are we to ultimately think about these two idiots? Is it even remotely conceivable that they are the long-awaited chosen Prophets of God - destined to lead us through the hidden web of errors and deceptions plaguing the world today - deceptions so profound as to even lead the Elect astray were it not for the direct intervention of God?

Honestly, they can't even lead themselves to observe a simple a monastic life! What are we to think? As for me, I think the truth is obvious. And I also think that these two "clowns" need to be exposed as the frauds, hypocrites, and heretics that they are.

This is why I ask all who have read this post, and who agree with my assessment, to send this information out to others. Spread the word. The Dimond Brothers need to be exposed publicly. As Christ said, there's nothing hidden that will not be brought to light. Let's put His words into action, and end this stupidity once and for all.

- Pax Tecum


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